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IF: Diary

The kitty has something in her mind...

This week’s my Illustration Friday submission.

I remember I had a homework for summer writing and drawing about what I did during the vacation. I didn’t enjoy it much. When someone (especially teachers) tells me what I have to do, it’s not fun to do it anymore. How funny how my mind works.

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Good Friends

friends pattern image

Getting together with friends is fun.

This is my new pattern design. I think it worked out cute!

By the way, I have friends from various different countries. This is something I love about living in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to meet new people.

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Illustration Friday: Music

I shall play wonderful music for you, Mademoiselle!

Great music always works like magic!

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Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

There is something not right.

Once in a while I encounter the moment that something I have expected to happen just doesn’t happen.


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