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We’re moving!

Can they all fit ?

No, we are not actually moving. I just want to move to the new place.

I’ve been trying to simplify forms and shapes in my illustration. I like it since it adds a bit of retro feel. I am experimenting with the color too. Less saturated thus looks more retro.

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Illustration Friday: Fast

Run, run, run faster! You can catch it!!

Run, run, run faster! You can catch it!!

I ran out time for now. So here is the line art version. I will post the color version when it’s done. Anyways, I am happy about how these Victorian buildings and the car (my all-time favorite car, Fiat 500) turned out. It took all day to draw but it’s worth it. It’s my dream living in one of those buildings and drive a Fiat 500 in SF.

"Fast" in color

This is the color version.

Finally I finished coloring.

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