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Counting the Stars

A quick drawing while my son is taking a nap. I can’t believe it’s already in February. It’s been so long since the last post yet it feels like yesterday.

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My son rarely sleeps on his back, so this was very special opportunity for me to draw his face this way.

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IF: Double

Hey, you really look like me!

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

When I was a kid, I really wanted a twin sister or brother. It seemed really cool.

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IF: Diary

The kitty has something in her mind...

This week’s my Illustration Friday submission.

I remember I had a homework for summer writing and drawing about what I did during the vacation. I didn’t enjoy it much. When someone (especially teachers) tells me what I have to do, it’s not fun to do it anymore. How funny how my mind works.

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My football (oops! soccer) season is over!?

It's so fun watching World Cup.

So, Japan Lost….(sobbing)… USA, Mexico and Japan, all the teams I was cheering have lost and I feel weirdly empty in my stomach. And the next World Cup in 2014 feels so far away….(sigh)….

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Birthday Card

Everyone loves to give and get gifts.

My new birthday card design.

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Good Friends

friends pattern image

Getting together with friends is fun.

This is my new pattern design. I think it worked out cute!

By the way, I have friends from various different countries. This is something I love about living in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to meet new people.

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We’re moving!

Can they all fit ?

No, we are not actually moving. I just want to move to the new place.

I’ve been trying to simplify forms and shapes in my illustration. I like it since it adds a bit of retro feel. I am experimenting with the color too. Less saturated thus looks more retro.

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