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Holiday Card Idea

I’ve been working on generating ideas for my holiday card to send out to my family and friends. This is one of the ideas and more should follow. I am still debating if I should color in watercolor or use Illustrator this year.

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IF: Journey

Illustration Friday "Journey"

© 2011 Shioko Tsukahara Anderson

His journey has just started.

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IF: Breakfast

A big stack of pancakes with butter and a lot of syrup...mmm...yum!

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I love breakfast. Both cooking, eating, and especially when someone cooks it for me. It just makes me happy.

This week I am posting my sketch too since I like when other artists post their process. Hope you’ll enjoy.

pencil sketch on paper


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My football (oops! soccer) season is over!?

It's so fun watching World Cup.

So, Japan Lost….(sobbing)… USA, Mexico and Japan, all the teams I was cheering have lost and I feel weirdly empty in my stomach. And the next World Cup in 2014 feels so far away….(sigh)….

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Good Friends

friends pattern image

Getting together with friends is fun.

This is my new pattern design. I think it worked out cute!

By the way, I have friends from various different countries. This is something I love about living in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to meet new people.

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We’re moving!

Can they all fit ?

No, we are not actually moving. I just want to move to the new place.

I’ve been trying to simplify forms and shapes in my illustration. I like it since it adds a bit of retro feel. I am experimenting with the color too. Less saturated thus looks more retro.

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IF: fearless

Garrrrrr! I'm fearless!!

I haven’t been able to submit for Illustration Friday for a while but finally here it is. This is for the topic of “fearless”.

A boy being fearless but friends around him are confused what’s going on…

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Illustration Friday: Frozen

Even when all the world is frozen, we can still have a lot of fun.

Even when all the world is frozen, we can still have a lot of fun.


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