I’m getting out of a stomach flu, and it was hard to concentrate to draw, but I’m glad I was finally able to draw something to post.







He kept rolling. good practice to draw feet for me. I like drawing a nose. Such an interesting shape.



I was updating my blog theme and widgets, and have noticed I have some followers. Thank you so much for following my blog! You all make me want to draw and post more :D

My son had a pretty long nap today, so I seized the moment and drew him.


IF: Imperfect

Illustration Friday: Imperfect

With smile like this, life will be perfect.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I’d like to learn how to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and live more relaxed and happily.

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IF: Remedy

I am waking up now....

My remedy to start a week relatively happy is a cup of coffee. The thicker the stronger the better. For that reason, I love brewing my coffee with a Bodum French Press.


IF: Journey

Illustration Friday "Journey"

© 2011 Shioko Tsukahara Anderson

His journey has just started.

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Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

©2011 Shioko Tsukahara Anderson

All the friendly round stuff got together for having fun.

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IF: Bottled

Illustration Friday "Bottled"

©2011 Shioko Tsukahara Anderson.

I think everyone has some bottled up emotions wanting to get out.

This is my submission for Illustration Friday.