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My blog is moving

Hi! I decided to move my blog to a new place. Please go to to see my new blog. Thank you very much for your support!

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Kevin’s New Website

The scary Cyclops will welcome you!

I’ve just finished building my husband Kevin’s new website. He is a character artist at Sony Computer Entertainment America and recently shipped out the much anticipated video game “God of War 3”, so he wanted to show off his cool 3D arts! Please check out his creations at Thank you!


My new website is up and running

You can either go to my portfolio page or blog from the home page.

I’ve totally forgotton to mention my new website ( is up and running! It went live on the end of May. I am so happy that I kept my promise and made it on time (even a couple days earlier than I promised). Now I need to keep drawing and adding new work until my portfolio page will be filled. Right now it feels a bit sparse. That will be the next step. Thank you for dear friends to check out the site and told me they love it!


Give your mom a flower power camcorder

A perfect gift for Mother's Day.

A couple of weeks ago I helped my old client, Bird Design to develop skin design for Flip Video camcorders. I submitted several pattern design and illustration, but didn’t know if those were actually accepted by Flip Video. But look what I found today! They picked one of my design and it’s actually sold at their store!! This makes me very happy and I think it will make a great gift for Mother’s day.

You can check out the product here:


My new website is coming soon

The new website will be all about illustration.

Currently I have been working on building my new website entirely focused on illustration. I used to wanting to do everything I could think of and I could reach. Web design, graphic design, animation, illustration…..I guess it’s because I didn’t want to be limited in one area. But then, as a result, I am not good at anything in particular. It’s kinda sad. And as I get older, I started feeling like the time I have is limited. So I thought for long and hard, deciding on what I really want to do and need to do to make it happen. It took me for like a year or so and it was not easy. But now I know I want to focus on illustration. So here I am, building my new website just for my illustration and I am planning to launch it on June 1st. (Yeah, I said that.)