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Babies, babies, and babies!

One of my friends just had a baby, and the other friend is almost due. On top of that I’ve got a bun in the oven too….So lately I am thinking a lot about babies.

pencil sketch on paper



IF: Trail

The last minute submission for this week’s Illustration Friday. Phew, I made it! I wanted to do a lot of penguins trailing after each other in long line like March of the Penguins. It took time for me to motivate myself to draw many penguins but after I scanned my sketch into the computer, it was fun to trace over it. I always love drawing with vector.


Gumball Machine

It makes me want to eat gumballs when I see a machine.

This is my new pattern. It will make cute pillow covers or cushion covers.


Sheep and Fox

I want cute colorful shoes too!

A flock of sheep jumping around and showing off their new colorful shoes. The baby fox wants the shoes too.

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IF: Slither

Colorful slithering creatures.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I am little scared of snakes in real life. But if they are colorful and friendly looking like these, I might love them.


Good Friends

friends pattern image

Getting together with friends is fun.

This is my new pattern design. I think it worked out cute!

By the way, I have friends from various different countries. This is something I love about living in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to meet new people.

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