IF: Paisley

Under the starry paisley night.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I didn’t touch my watercolors for long time, but I was so inspired by Gennine’s Art Blog, especially how she uses the white acrylic ink on watercolor, I wanted to give it try myself. Although there is no way I could draw like her, I liked how my painting came out. I think the white ink worked nicely for starry paisley pattern.

Since the last week’s IF topic: ripple (to help the Gulf oil spill), I keep wondering how all the birds and sea creatures around the Gulf are doing. I hope the situation will get better soon and hopefully they are able to rest peacefully at night.

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4 thoughts on “IF: Paisley

  1. Complex, creative and beautiful. I am also a fan of white acrylic ink. I use wharever works for my purpose and am no longer a purist!

  2. jack foster says:

    I like how you combined the last two week’s themes. Very cool. Great design. I like the white as well. Vey nice!

  3. Hi – I came to your website and then to this blog from IllustrationMundo.com. Your vector works are a lot of fun! But, I adore this painting more!!! Love the delicate touch. Also, thanks for mentioning Gennine’s Art Blog. I went there and watched her videos, I absolutely understand what you mean about being inspired. Bye Bee : )

  4. Thank you for all of your comments…I was not confident on my watercolors, but I guess I should keep painting! :)

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