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My football (oops! soccer) season is over!?

It's so fun watching World Cup.

So, Japan Lost….(sobbing)… USA, Mexico and Japan, all the teams I was cheering have lost and I feel weirdly empty in my stomach. And the next World Cup in 2014 feels so far away….(sigh)….

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Birthday Card

Everyone loves to give and get gifts.

My new birthday card design.

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IF: Paisley

Under the starry paisley night.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I didn’t touch my watercolors for long time, but I was so inspired by Gennine’s Art Blog, especially how she uses the white acrylic ink on watercolor, I wanted to give it try myself. Although there is no way I could draw like her, I liked how my painting came out. I think the white ink worked nicely for starry paisley pattern.

Since the last week’s IF topic: ripple (to help the Gulf oil spill), I keep wondering how all the birds and sea creatures around the Gulf are doing. I hope the situation will get better soon and hopefully they are able to rest peacefully at night.

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Kevin’s New Website

The scary Cyclops will welcome you!

I’ve just finished building my husband Kevin’s new website. He is a character artist at Sony Computer Entertainment America and recently shipped out the much anticipated video game “God of War 3”, so he wanted to show off his cool 3D arts! Please check out his creations at Thank you!


IF: Ripple – to help with the Gulf oil spill

They need their ocean to be clean again ASAP.

This week’s Illustration Friday *special topic* submission.

This illustration was drawn for the “ripple” blog by Kelly Light to make effort to help with the Gulf oil spill. To find out more information, please visit Also, you can make a contribution by purchasing this illustration here.

I love drawing animals and sea creatures. When I hear they are suffering, my heart aches.

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IF: Trail

The last minute submission for this week’s Illustration Friday. Phew, I made it! I wanted to do a lot of penguins trailing after each other in long line like March of the Penguins. It took time for me to motivate myself to draw many penguins but after I scanned my sketch into the computer, it was fun to trace over it. I always love drawing with vector.


Gumball Machine

It makes me want to eat gumballs when I see a machine.

This is my new pattern. It will make cute pillow covers or cushion covers.


My new website is up and running

You can either go to my portfolio page or blog from the home page.

I’ve totally forgotton to mention my new website ( is up and running! It went live on the end of May. I am so happy that I kept my promise and made it on time (even a couple days earlier than I promised). Now I need to keep drawing and adding new work until my portfolio page will be filled. Right now it feels a bit sparse. That will be the next step. Thank you for dear friends to check out the site and told me they love it!


Sheep and Fox

I want cute colorful shoes too!

A flock of sheep jumping around and showing off their new colorful shoes. The baby fox wants the shoes too.

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