IF: Slither

Colorful slithering creatures.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I am little scared of snakes in real life. But if they are colorful and friendly looking like these, I might love them.


9 thoughts on “IF: Slither

  1. Leen says:

    Very lovely, nice to see so many colors on a simple background. It makes it more playful!

  2. Eric Barclay says:

    Really cute- would make a great wrapping paper

  3. lovely!!! cute yours snakes :)

  4. mark says:

    nice idea, very vibrant

  5. ivy says:

    love this! nice pattern too :)

  6. Amanda says:

    Very cute! I love snakes, and these snakes are adorable.

  7. virginia says:

    this illustration made my heart soar!! great work!!

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