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IF: Slither

Colorful slithering creatures.

This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

I am little scared of snakes in real life. But if they are colorful and friendly looking like these, I might love them.


Good Friends

friends pattern image

Getting together with friends is fun.

This is my new pattern design. I think it worked out cute!

By the way, I have friends from various different countries. This is something I love about living in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to meet new people.

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We’re moving!

Can they all fit ?

No, we are not actually moving. I just want to move to the new place.

I’ve been trying to simplify forms and shapes in my illustration. I like it since it adds a bit of retro feel. I am experimenting with the color too. Less saturated thus looks more retro.

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IF: fearless

Garrrrrr! I'm fearless!!

I haven’t been able to submit for Illustration Friday for a while but finally here it is. This is for the topic of “fearless”.

A boy being fearless but friends around him are confused what’s going on…

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Give your mom a flower power camcorder

A perfect gift for Mother's Day.

A couple of weeks ago I helped my old client, Bird Design to develop skin design for Flip Video camcorders. I submitted several pattern design and illustration, but didn’t know if those were actually accepted by Flip Video. But look what I found today! They picked one of my design and it’s actually sold at their store!! This makes me very happy and I think it will make a great gift for Mother’s day.

You can check out the product here:


My new website is coming soon

The new website will be all about illustration.

Currently I have been working on building my new website entirely focused on illustration. I used to wanting to do everything I could think of and I could reach. Web design, graphic design, animation, illustration…..I guess it’s because I didn’t want to be limited in one area. But then, as a result, I am not good at anything in particular. It’s kinda sad. And as I get older, I started feeling like the time I have is limited. So I thought for long and hard, deciding on what I really want to do and need to do to make it happen. It took me for like a year or so and it was not easy. But now I know I want to focus on illustration. So here I am, building my new website just for my illustration and I am planning to launch it on June 1st. (Yeah, I said that.)