Illustration Friday: Blur

Leftover candies from Halloween

Leftover candies from Halloween


I skipped drawing last week because I couldn’t draw. I felt I was stuck. This week I focused to draw just for fun and not to stress out myself. This week I didn’t plan what to draw, I didn’t care about the composition, I didn’t draw pencil sketch first and trace over with pen and ink, then color with watercolor. I just drew what I had at hand which were the leftover candies from Halloween. The wrapping of them were colorful so I liked them. This week was fun to draw. Lines are all messy and watercolor is blotchy and blurry but I had fun. I feel good again. :D


One thought on “Illustration Friday: Blur

  1. michele says:

    Your candies are fun! I hope you ate them after you painted. Is that why you feel better? ;)

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